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The Boy Moon Lost Love Poems (Found in an Envelope)

In the Beginning was an Envelope.

In 1993 or thereabouts, an envelope containing 22 hand-written love poems was found (by a literary detective) in North London in a house with a pointed roof and windows that were falling apart.

Below are 4 extracts from the full poems in the book.

A Letter To Him(Extract)

I Love you Moon,
Your white shirt is groomed eternally,
Looking like hoax romances
you bluff your way,
you cry,
and you are the magnificent image
of your own creation,
or our multiple collective creation.
That’s clear!

A Letter From Him(Extract)

I want you to love me,
so instead of a rose
I will bring you a tree.
Instead of carrying it
in my hands, I will drive
it into your garden with
a rented truck. And I want
its smell to swamp you.
I want its smell to swamp
your house and you!

Under A Cotton Cover(Extract)

The Moon had never slept in a bed before.
But tonight he felt his white round body
covered by cotton sheets.

Instead of keeping awake alone the whole night
he lay down being touched by her hands
and by a little cotton cover.

The Bloody Idiot(Extract)

Boy Moon is an idiot I swear.
He has no money, no pennies,
nor diamonds, nor pearls,
yet he managed to buy a box
of matches from a shop run
by two dark haired girls.

He said to one of them: “You
really are pretty!” And to the other
one he grinned with his gap-toothed
smile, until she went
bright red, as red as the tips
on the tops of the individual
match sticks, inside the box.
Then satisfied with his good
seductive smile, he marched on.