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The Boy Moon Lost Love Poems (Found in an Envelope)

Original Portrait of Boy Moon (also found in the envelope).

It was almost a decade ago that 22 unsigned, hand-written poems were found, charting the love affair between an enigmatic entity called Boy Moon and his paramour, a girl called Bianca.

To deepen the mystery, a number of graphologists have claimed that the author of the poems was no more than 27 inches high and that he/she wrote the poems using an abnormally small fountain pen.

Speculation is rife that the poet was not human, and not from our world. It is conceivable, in fact, that ‘Boy Moon’ isn’t a fictional being but an alien poet who left these poems here on earth to remind us of what we must never forget: the deeper mysteries of the heart.

We asked a collection of frankly rather batty Moon scholars to explain to our future readers who and what Boy Moon was. These so-called ‘Moonologists’ came up with the most wonderful and unexpected theories, as you shall see.

The story of Boy Moon as they tell it is as beautiful and enigmatic as the poems themselves.

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