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The Boy Moon Lost Love Poems (Found in an Envelope)

Did a boy whose name is ‘Moon’, or a boy who was the Moon, live in London in the early 1990s, or was he a figment of someone’s imagination?

Was he a whim? The sort of whim that a bored girl with no one to love her could've produced one lazy afternoon on a veranda, chopping onions and crying over an imaginary lover?

A collection of 22 poems found in an envelope in a rundown house in North London charts the beautiful but sad love affair between Boy Moon and Bianca. An introduction by eight world-famous Moon Scholars explores the reality behind these poems and the Mystery of Boy Moon.

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Limited first-edition copies are now on sale. The book includes 22 original illustrations.

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Chief Loveologist Visiting Professor at the Heart-Math Institute, California.

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